Canon EOS 40D Body and BG-E2 Grip – Both SOLD!

Okay – with the arrival of the 1D Mark II N, that brings me to three's a crowd for camera bodies. I'll keep my 50D as my backup, and will prob use the 50D for jobs it is better suited for than the 1D.

With that in mind – I'll get you to the nitty gritty:

Canon EOS 40D Body Only - 27,033 Actuations – great shape – clean sensor – $635 SOLD

Canon BG-E2 - Primarily used on backup body – great shape – $120 SOLD

Together – $745

Price Includes PayPal fees, and USPS Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48. Insurance and or expedited shipping can be added at cost. Best bet is to contact me here with questions or "I want to buy!" messages…

Now that's out of the way – the details! Oh – and you can click on any of the photos to enlarge.

Canon EOS 40D – Body Only40D-001-6096

This was purchased 31 August 2007 as a part of a kit with a 28-135 lens. I sold the lens when I got the kit – the lens is NOT included in this sale.

Other than the lens (sold a while back) and the video cable (no clue where this went to as I don't ever recall using it), I have all the other original contents of the box. User manuals, software disc, documentation/guide disc, quick ref guides, various "system diagrams" and other canon marketing material. I also still have the body cap, strap, battery, and battery charger. I'm sure I can get a copy of the orig receipt from

This camera was my main shooter till I purchased my 50D, 18 September 2008. It was mainly used at a velodrome in the area, shooting track cyclists. It was also used for architectural work (indoor and outdoor) as well as some other general photography and portrait work. It was never used in the rain or in any other inclement weather. Never used in dusty conditions.

The body itself is in great cosmetic shape. It always had a battery grip mounted so the bottom corners and bottom of the camera are pristine. There was also usually an L-Plate mounted as well. There is just a little bit of "polish" around the index wheel and shutter button, but no scratches, dings, or other damage to the exterior of the camera.

The sensor is clean. I can send a recent pic – straight from the camera – of a light colored surface if you would like to pixel peep to check cleanliness of the sensor. According to the software I reviewed here, the shutter has 27,033 actuations on it. It still shoots like a dream.

The display is bright and, like the body, scratch and mar free.

I think the photos show the condition very well, I'll revise this post soon to link to some examples of images taken with this camera.

40D-002-6108 40D-003-6109 40D-004-6111 40D-005-6112 40D-006-6113 40D-007-6115 40D-008-6116 40D-009-6117 40D-010-6118 40D-011-6119

Canon BG-E2 SOLD!BG-E2-001-6092

This was purchased in July of 2007 when I bought my 30D. When I got the 40D a month or so later, I purchased a second battery grip which stayed on my primary camera… So this BG has almost always been on my backup body so it has had very little actual shooting use. The index wheel, shutter button, and the other buttons all feel like new. The grip is cosmetically pristine except for a bit of "shine" to the corners of the grip. There are two minor scuffs to the grip near the shutter button from the grip getting set on concrete from time to time during shoots. There is a photo that shows the slight scuffs pretty well.

I still have the instruction sheet, the original box, and the AA battery tray.

BG-E2-002-6083 BG-E2-003-6084 BG-E2-004-6085 BG-E2-005-6086 BG-E2-006-6087 BG-E2-008-6090 BG-E2-007-6089

Again – $635 for the 40D… $120 for the BG-E2 SOLD!…  Price includes PayPal fees, and USPS Priority shipping to lower 48. Insurance and expedited shipping can be added at cost.

Contact me here with any questions… or leave a comment below…

Thanks for reading!

Canon 50D Shutter Actuations Counter (and Canon 40D too!)

Just a quick post before knocking off for the evening.

Saw a post today on that had a link to a site that has a free piece of software that can read the (until now) Canon Support territory of how many actuations a shutter has. The idea is pretty basic – it uses the EOS Utility drivers (you put this .exe file in the same directory as the EOS Utility) to access the information from the camera. You plug in the camera to your computer with a USB cable, turn it on, close the EOS Utility if it starts, then start this application. Click the "Get Count" button and voila!.

This program accesses information from the Digic III processor (or the Digic IV) so the app will work on the 40D, 50D, and the 5D Mark II, but not on the 30D, or 350D,400D, etc…

It was interesting to see that my 40D has 27,010 actuations, but how accurate is it? Well, my 50D shows 3,961 – which shows 4 more than the highest image number. This results from some "remote shooting from PC" which counts as a shutter actuation, but since the file is saved directly to the computer, so the compact flash card count doesn't get increased. So I'd say that the 27k actuations reading on my 40D is pretty accurate.

This is only for the PC, not for the Mac, but you can read all the details here.

Thanks for reading!