Really Right Stuff L-Plate for Canon 50D with Battery Grip

Okay – they had told me they were working on one, then the w/out battery grip was posted on-line, then "coming soon – accepting pre-orders" was next for the version with the battery grip.

BGE2-L50 I just took a quick look today and voila! The BGE2-L50 is now available with some images posted.

At first glance it looks like it has been worth the wait. A nice wide opening for the cables, the ability to get the covers open with the l-plate in place, and the plate looks like it will provide good protection for the corners of the BG, perhaps better than the 40D version did. It also appears that there is now an extension of the plate to allow for the camera strap to connect to the plate itself. The photos don't show the detail of this strap tab that well, but it appears that it may be removable – it looks like there is a screw that may allow you to remove the tab if you don't want it – or to easily remove the camera from the plate if you don't want to un-do the strap from the bracket tab itself.

Yup – one is order and should be here soon (I think Monday) – I'll post a review w/ images and my thoughts then.

Thanks for reading!

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