Quick update: Archives now have usable format…

Okay – sorry about falling off the face of the blogging planet for a bit there – wow – two weeks actually!

I've been buried at the day job and have been busy on the weekends with a few events, some travel, and a photog job or two…  Oh – and that "personal life" thing – trying to work some of that in too… LOL

I did finally figure out how to change the format of the archive settings… so now you can browse them by title w/out having to page from post to post…

The Canon 50D now has over 5500 images under its belt and I'm enjoying it more and more. I'll work some of my recent photos into some of the upcoming posts…

A few topics I'm kicking around:

  • A tutorial on shooting events in the evening outdoors
  • How to utilize fill flash outdoors – it can be your friend
  • Better strategies for web sales of your photos
  • Sports composition – a few easy pitfalls
  • AF Microadjustment – target near vs. far – what's best?

If you have one you would like to see sooner than later, post a comment. You can also throw suggestions for posts into a comment as well.

Thanks for reading!

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