Fight Cancer with Photographs – The Cancer Mosaic

If you’ve been visiting my blog on a semi regular basis (well – as semi-regular as anyone can since the blog is only about 11 days old now) you may have noticed the arrival of the yellow banner to the left.

I won’t get long winded about it, you can read more by clicking the banner, but I am a 17 year cancer survivor. I had a 2 1/2 pound tumor removed from my chest back in 1991, did chemo and radiation, five years of follow-ups with my Oncologists, and I’ve been cancer free ever since. I’ve lost my father to cancer (prostate) and an aunt to cancer (her third round of breast cancer).

I’m now pretty heavily involved w/ the cancer support community and have been raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s efforts to help support cancer patients, fund research, and reach out through advocacy efforts. Those advocacy efforts help raise people’s awareness of their risks; let them know what sort of screening should be done and on what intervals; and they lobby on behalf of all of us to help increase funding for research and provide top notch health care for all – insured or not – money should not be the deciding factor for if you can get treatment or not.

The Mosaic’s goal, other than to raise money, is to help put a face on cancer. To help illustrate that it is a disease that does not discriminate. It touches all ethnic, social, economic and age demographics. The Mosaic is a way to support a loved one who has been touched by cancer – to support someone who is fighting the disease now – or to honor someone who has lost their fight.

Explore the site and please donate and submit a photo of someone to be included in the mosaic.

Please – also take the time to talk with your doctor about your risks, what screening and prevention steps you can be taking, and have your loved ones do the same. Cancer detected earlier is much easier to treat.

If you are moved by this message, but have a group that is dearer to your heart, then please support that group – the end goal is the same – to fight cancer!

Thanks for reading!

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