Canon 50D RAW support from Adobe

Well – you’ve got to love the internet. I had recalled that the 4.6 RAW release candidate from Adobe supported several new cameras completely and thought it covered the 450D – after a bit of googling, I found that 4.6 does have "preliminary" RAW support for new camera models including both the 450D and the 50D.  I already had the 4.6 update and PhotoShop CS3 happily opened up the 50D files… You can find info about it here:

Well – the Adobe RAW 4.6 release candidate has become an official release with full support for the 50D (the release candidate only had . Rather than post links to all the different flavors – (Win, Mac, Win + DNG, Mac + DNG), you can see them all here:

As for Lightroom support – it turns out it too is out there. Lightroom 2.1 ‘release candidate’ (their name for final beta) has the same camera support as the 4.6 update, so you can read about it and get the download here:

It is now downloaded and installed on my computer – and a quick test (as I need to be focusing on "work" right now) came out just fine.

More ISO tests to be blogged about this evening…

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Canon 50D RAW support from Adobe”

  1. Thanks! Downloaded LR 2.1 and now RAW and SRAW1 opens!
    Amazingly the hot pixel fix seemed to work as well. At least at first glance. Could be my optimistic blinders, but so far so good.

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