Canon 50D Firmware 1.0.3 and Adobe Lightroom 2.1

Okay – two updates for the 50D.

Firmware Update – 1.0.3

First up the firmware 1.0.3 has been released. You can get to it here.

It is upposed to correct the err99 problem that some folks have experienced.

Adobe Lightroom 2.1 Released

Previously Canon 50D RAW support was only due to a "release candidate" version of Lightroom. That is their version of a "beta" release. The full 2.1 release has official support for the 50D RAW format, and my quick tests seem to show that they've improved the noise reduction, but I've not really had a chance to compare apples to apples. You can get that upgrade here (you'll need to be a licenced owner, or you can download a trial). You can choose Win or Mac version in the "latest updates" column to the right.

Thanks for reading!

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