Canon 50D File Sizes – Things to consider…

Well – shocking I know, but the files from the 50D are a wee bit large in size.

In shooting the test shots, I saw JPG file sizes between 5,408 KB to 11,511 KB; RAW file sizes ranged from 20,639 KB to 28,953 KB.  Then when you covert RAW to TIFF for testing… then the prizes really soar! 88,368 KB per 16 bit TIFF.

In looking over the files I shot for the job on Friday night, I racked up 10.2 GB in files, for only 526 photos.

Larger memory cards will be needed if you are looking to shoot any sort of event with any sort of coverage; but the other thing to consider will be the storage requirements for ongoing archival of images.

As I push the files for sale from that shoot on Friday up to my Shutterfly Pro Gallery, I’m realizing it will take markedly longer (you guessed it, by a factor of 50% or so) to get the files loaded.

You’ll need to be sure that whatever service you use for your image sales, that you know how this will affect your storage needs re: their limits for storage. You’ll not be able to keep as many on line at the same time if you do have a restriction.

Well – I need to finish the posting from Friday night – thanks for reading!

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