Canon 50D – Moon – Stacked TCs Again

Okay – it has been a week or so since I shot the other set, almost a full moon tonight and set out to get the eerie thin clouds in front of the moon. But by the time I got home, the clouds had drifted off. Even with a slight haze/glow from the moon, I figured I’d give it another shot.

EF 100-400 f/4.5-6.6 L USM + EF 2x II + EF 1.4x II + tripod and remote trigger release.

EXIF (included) says ISO 200 – 1/160th at f/11 at 800mm – but remember it has ignored the 1.4x so, it is really 1/160th at f/15.5 (sqr root of 2 x 11) at 1120 + the 1.6x crop factor gets you 1792mm effective focal length.

Opened with Lightroom, added a bit of contrast to compensate for the haze, but zero added noise reduction, zero added sharpening (tho – Lightroom may do a bit for baseline – nothing was added).

Click to enlarge…

As cropped in camera:

100% crop at jpeg quality of 100:

I’m always amazed at how different the moon’s craters look when the light is direct on vs. coming in at an angle…

Even with the haze tonight, pretty darn happy with the results. I might have been 1/3 – 2/3 stop dark on exposure (but can tweak that), adjust to remove/minimize the CA (nothing done yet – shows some from the stacked TCs), and perhaps tweak a few other things… but I’ll put it in the keeper file… along with the 50D.

Thanks for reading!

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